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List of Technical Papers Related to UFOs and Electro Magnetism

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List of Technical Papers Related to UFOs and Electro Magnetism Empty List of Technical Papers Related to UFOs and Electro Magnetism

Post by Mike on Mon Mar 12, 2018 11:07 am

With credit to Drobnjak from London for this list

by Mark Rodeghier
Introduction: In my opinion this is the most seminal work on UFO interference with car engines. Practically every work that touched this toppic refered back to Rodeghier's paper. Boring as a hell, but absolutely must read.

by James M. McCampbell
Abstract: Disruption of automobile engines by UFOs is a familiar phenomenon. Less well known are instances where an engine that had been killed comes back to life again when the UFO departs, that is, the engine restarts itself without assistance from the driver. Twenty- seven such cases are summarized. A key observation by a mechanic whose engine had been stopped by a UFO suggests a mechanism by which self-starting might be understood. Should a non-firing engine come to rest with one cylinder past top-dead-center, it would entrap a suitable mixture of fuel and air to be ignited by the next arriving spark thereby cranking the engine. Such an event might result from collapse of a gaseous discharge across open breaker points in the distributor. If the discharge had been sustained by ionization of the atmospheric gases caused by the UFO, it would collapse shortly after departure of the UFO.

by James McCampbell
Abstract: A summary of the present paper was given at a UFO symposium in 1986 entitled Bridging The Gap. Sponsored by the Mutual UFO Network, it was held on October 11–12 at the Tuolumne County Fairgrounds, Sonora, California. Available time allowed only a discussion of the thesis, essential UFO sightings, major technical points, and the conclusions. Similar abbreviated material was covered at the 24th Annual National UFO Conference, UFOs Over America: 40 Years And Counting, at the Burbank Hilton Hotel, Burbank, California, June 12–14, 1987. The full text as reproduced here was first published in UFOs 1947-1987, The 40-Year Search For An Explanation. Hilary Evans with John Spencer, Editors for the British UFO Research Association, Fortean Times, London, 1987. Ó 1987 McCampbell.

by A. Meessen
Abstract: We have shown why the propulsion of Unconventional Flying Objects of unknown origin can result from very intense low-frequency magnetic ¯elds and an adequately pulsed ion-ization of the ambient medium. We also found how these ¯elds could be produced, if the surface of these objects were superconducting. Now, we present evidence of the existence of these ¯elds. It results from traces left on the ground by induced currents, rotating compass needles, direct magnetometer recordings and very remarkable magneto-optical e®️ects. They provide even proof of the required pulsed ionization.

This work is particularly valuable because it contains (pg. 2) rarely published graphs from Ray Stanford's instrumental data recordings (magnetometer and simultaneous gravimeter) collected back in 1978 from the edges of the White Sands Proving Ground, New Mexico.

by Dr Bruce Maccabee,
MUFON's Maryland Director writes: Regarding your comments on UFO propulsion. "The phenomenon associated with the presence of a UFOs can be accounted for within the following scientific parameters: The craft emit Electromagnetic radiation measured isotropically that is in all directions of approximately one megawatt, that is a million watts." Bruce states, "This number must be considered a complete guess. The only real data we have (here I ignore any possible data the "control group"-- should there be one -- might have; I refer only to "open literature data") is that, at least in some cases, UFOs radiate visible light in the hundreds of KW to MW range. However, the visible spectrum is only part of it. A photo taken by Ed Walters in the presence of witnesses in Pensacola, Florida on March 12, 1991, using infrared film indicates that there could be many (ten? hundred?) more times in the infrared (see UFOs ARE REAL, HERE'S THE PROOF, Avon, pg. 177). And there are numerous other wavelengths as well. Hence "one megawatt" MIGHT be an underestimate in some cases.

by Joe Kirk Thomas
In a recent issue of the MUFON Journal (November 1983) Jim McCampbell advanced theory to explain the heating of finger righs and watch bands in CEII cases. The crux of his thoery is that microwaves emitted by a UFO have a wavelengths cmparable to standard ring diameters. Ins such cases, the rings are "tuned" to the microwave frequency and efficiently draw energy from the field. This energy is converted to heat and causes a rise in ring temperature sufficient to cause discomfort or even first degree burns.

by Bruce Maccabee Dr
Abstract - Following the brief sighting of an unidentified flying object in Gulf Breeze, Florida in Septemrber 1992, investigators made an area search using a fluxgate gradient magnetometer and found a strong magnetic field gradient, indicative of a strong source of magnetic field, which appeared to be at a or above the tops of some trees near a small pond. Three circles of depressed grass were found in the bottom of the shallow pond.

by Donald Johnson
Abstract: Some reports of UFO sightings involve events in which motorized land vehicles experience ignition or electrical system interference in the presence of a UFO; 276 such reports were collected from the UFO literature. These events were analyzed to determine the role played by position of UFO and distance from UFO to vehicle in the severity of the reported electrical system interference. highly significant relationship (p .001) was found between position of UFO and severity of effect. substantial majority of the cases experiencing complete engine failures (stalls) occurred when the UFO was reported either directly in front of or above the witness' vehicle. A significant inverse relationship (p .03) was found between reported distance from the UFO and severity of effect. significant interaction between position and distance was discovered (p .04). UFOs appearing in front of or above the witness' vehicle were reported as being closer than those observed behind or off to one side. It was hypothesized that this interaction may be responsible for the correlation between position and severity of effect. Constructing a multidimensional contingency model to test for relative effects was not possible due to incomplete data. It was recommended that investigators of future events make a special effort to obtain distance and position estimates.

Abstract: Since 1947 similar E-M effect have occured in the presence of UFOs in at least the following countries: France, England, Italy, Norway, Argentina, Brazil, Peru, venezuela, Canada and Australia. Also in the new states of Hawaii and Alaska. The implication of these repors is that, whatever UFOs may be, they appear to affect electrical cirucits under certain conditions. There is no absolutoe proof, but repeated association of this effect with plainly visibel UFO can leave little doubt that it is a valid to say the UFOs caused the effects. Any other interpretation would imply a chain of coincidences of such magnitude that it would be more incredible than accepting the fact of car-stalling UFOs.

by Dr. Jean-Pierre Petit
Abstract: The last, but not the least. Special bonus for those who read the whole post all the way to the bottom ;-). You need to watch this video first, where Dr. Jean-Pierre Petit reveals one by one each of US Above The Top Secret Black-Budget programs, like Aurora or secret US faster than sound MHD torpedos:

After above video gives you enough of intro there is this comic by Dr. Pettit that explains MHD propulsion to novices:

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